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Project Uremu joins Focus Central America to boost post-pandemic education

We are thrilled to announce that Project Uremu has become a partner of Focus Central America (FCA) in 2023! This is a significant milestone in our journey towards creating a greater impact and lasting change in our community.

For those who may not know, FCA is an exceptional organization that provides financial support and resources to grassroots organizations like ours. Their focus is on directly addressing systemic challenges and transforming communities into productive, safe, and prosperous places. We are honored to be a part of their family and look forward to the opportunities this partnership will bring.

The pandemic has caused many challenges, particularly in the field of education, and getting back on track has been a difficult task. However, Focus Central America has been instrumental in providing us with incredible support. Not only have they provided us with much-needed financial assistance, but they have also shared their expertise and resources to help us improve the quality of musical education that we offer. This support has not only benefited our current students but has also enabled us to expand our project to new areas and reach more children in our city and its environs. We are deeply grateful to Focus Central America for this opportunity and for believing in our vision. Thank you for your support and trust in us! We are excited about the journey ahead and all that we will achieve together, including high-quality education, boundless creativity, and a brighter future for all. Music is our guide, and with allies like Focus Central America, there are no limits to what we can accomplish together!


Project Uremu

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