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Through the years we have had many opportunities to tell the story of Project Uremu to a variety of  Honduran media. Also in 2016, our founder and director, Marcela Fernández, participated in the TEDx San Pedro Sula Women, on that occasion she had the opportunity to share the beginnings of the program as well as her vision for it. In this space you will find  your TED-Talk, and  you can  enjoy other video reports   and  read some articles that have been published in the national press about our trajectory.

TEDx SanPedroSula Women

Music: Social Integration Tool


Hundreds of Sampedran children bring hope with music
La newspaper  Press, 2020, article.

"Our focus is children, we instill in them that they can become better human beings for their community.

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Project Uremu: A luxury symphonic concert with "Hollywood Sounds"
Diario El Heraldo, 2019, article.

"We decided to do this concert as a way to raise funds and help our students travel to other countries and show how far they are capable of going."

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Music teacher trained in the USA  teaches underprivileged children
La newspaper  Press, 2018,  article and video  reportage.

"We are sure that through this program it will be possible to impact the lives of these little ones who, due to their resources, cannot have access to this type of  education ”, commented the violist."

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For love at art

The Country, 2018,  Article.

"In the framework of the monthly meeting of the Eléutera Foundation, an artistic presentation was carried out that had the name" For the love of art "and had the collaboration of the children and young people of the Uremu Project with More Music and More Hope, giving a great social message through music. "

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Concert "One note at a time" with Susan Siman

La Prensa newspaper, 2017,  Article.

"The  Venezuelan  has been nominated for a Grammy Award in the category of Music Teacher Education. He also directed the musical program at the Doral Conservatory in the city of Miami, United States. She created her own orchestral training center Siman Orchestral Foundation in Miami, thus being an artist with a high concept of musical excellence highlighted by her life devoted to music. "

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Children's Day: UREMU Project, changing through music
Diario Tiempo, 2017, article.

"" The project aims to raise the cultural heritage of our country by teaching nu music. Our classes are designed so that the child can learn the performance of the Sampedrana artist in a fun way. "

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