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Our program works by establishing centers in public schools, churrches and community centers in high risk areas providing our classes to children and young people who otherwise would not have access to music instruction. We decided to create these centers in these areas to give them the opportunity to be close to their homes. We also seek to reduce extra transportation costs and present ourselves as an option for parents who work full time. 

Primero de Febrero

The CEB Primero de Febrero, is an educational institution that serves  a school population of 1,620 students from 1st to 9th grade of Basic Education. This nucleus is located in the Satellite neighborhood, in the sector  South-East of San Pedro Sula, and began as a proposal for  a community of Social Housing benefit. Our students come from various places from the so-called "river bank" to the neighboring neighborhoods of the center such as: Sandoval Sorto, La Pradera, among others.


This center opened its doors in 2015 with 42 students who enrolled in our pilot program. In 2018, we expanded our flute choir and as of today we continue our work on February 1st with 45 students.


In the last  For years the group has been part of a variety of activities and performances.  Together we have exchanged experiences with students from the  Sampedrana and Lima International School, The Violin Study  by Laura Dubon, White School  Dove, Happy New Dawn among others.  Our students have had the opportunity to receive master classes with  musicians  national and international which they have generously come to share with them.  Too  we have counted on the visit of UTH students who   They gave us their support to paint the classrooms and donation  of teaching materials.