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Proyecto Uremu is a non-governmental organization that provides free music training in high-risk sectors in San Pedro Sula, Honduras. Our project arose after observing how other countries and cultures use music to guide the child to cultivate art, managing to move him away from an environment that puts him at social risk. Based on this, we decided to implement a free project capable of integrating sectors where the population generally does not have access to opportunities such as musical training.


This is how in September 2015 we started with our first nucleus in the First February Basic Education Center in Colonia Satélite, in the South-East sector of San Pedro Sula, with 42 students.


We currently have 65  students between the ages of 9 to 15 who receive  classes from Monday to Friday from 2: 00-5: 00 pm  Likewise, we promote values through musical teaching, talks,  and daily coexistence. Project Uremu is located in the public schools that open the doors for us to develop our free program.


We also promote music by developing educational concerts with our orchestras, making presentations in public spaces, and collaborating with other musical programs in our country and in Central America. We promote cultural exchanges involving  teachers from abroad who come to instruct and encourage our students.


Every year we close the educational cycle with a concert in which we present the musical advances of the choirs and orchestras of our nuclei. The annual concert is a great opportunity for the nuclei to perform together and gain experience on stage. With this celebration of music we also open the stage to national and international musicians and singers. On other occasions we have had the privilege of sharing the stage with Susan Siman, founder of Simanof in Miami, maestro Alejandro Larumbe, Eduardo Umanzor, Hector David Aguilar, among others ...

Nuestra Historia - Proyecto Uremu
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Mission and vision


We are the ideal orchestral music education program so that children and adolescents in our country have a tool capable of supplanting inappropriate activities that harm their integral development and allow them to improve their quality of life.



Promote personal development and family strengthening of children and youth, through an innovative methodology of musical and comprehensive education, which allows them to identify their skills and make them an agent of change in their social environment.


The Uremu Orchestral Social Project model  includes the following components:

1. Music training: We teach music theory, flute, choir and instrumental classes, which develop not only the student's musical skills; but also their motor and brain development.

2. Prevention  of Violence and Culture of Peace: We provide musical education to students, offering them an option to use their free time in a positive way and keep them away from harmful activities  that can lead them to lose their lives in a negative environment.


3. Social Projection: We carry out activities in which we interact with children from private schools, thus promoting unity through music, showing that there are no social barriers in music.


4. Knowledge Exchange: We bring national and international teachers to train and encourage our students to move forward, and we also seek to promote cultural exchanges.


Uremu  means music in Garífuna (the language of Afro-descendant communities), we chose it to highlight our cultural identity, folklore and ethnic wealth.

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