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  • musicians
    If you are a teacher of strings, music theory, recorder or choir, you can support us by giving classes to any of our groups. Likewise, if you want to be part of our support orchestra, or you want to give your talent to perform a benefit concert for our program, you can do it.
  • Volunteers
    Although our mission is music education, there are many aspects in which you can get involved if you are not a musician or teaching is not your thing. We always need help with logistics, for example you can help us coordinate the children on audition days, or you can take our students from the center to a presentation. Or if your thing is social networks, photography, video, content editing, you could give us one by hand too, get in touch with us today here.
  • Donations of instruments and materials
    If you have a violin, viola, cello, recorders or wind instrument in your home, organization or church that you no longer need, donate it to the program so that we can benefit many more children with our musical education. If you know contacts abroad who wish to support us with donations of instruments, we also have friendly companies that help us with shipping.
  • Financial Donations
    Each year, Proyecto Uremu grows and we manage to benefit more children and their families. We need financial support from you to be able to continue our work. If your company or you as a natural person join the monthly or annual sponsor team, you will be helping to plant the seedbed that will give a better future to our Honduras. If you want to sponsor a student, the monthly cost is $50. You can also be a general sponsor of the program: Great Baton $10,000 - $30,000 Musician $1,000 - $9,000 Benefactor $500 - $1,000 Taxpayer $100 - $400 Friend $1 - $400 Your donation can be made directly to our bank account: BAC Honduras Account Number: 730313401 UREMU Social Orchestral Project Or through Paypal:

At Proyecto Uremu we are always looking for friendly hands to help us develop our programs. We not only need musicians so here we tell you how you can help us and be part of this great project. If you want to make a donation click here: 

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