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Marcela Fernandez recipient of Quetglas 2023

On a night filled with emotion and gratitude, the Vincentian Social Works Foundation (OSOVI) held the tenth edition of the 2023 Quetglas Awards in San Pedro Sula, Honduras. These awards, which honor and recognize the selfless and dedicated work of individuals who deeply impact Honduran society, have become a highly anticipated annual event. In this edition, the four outstanding altruistic finalists were Jenny Mains, Soledad Donaire, Marcela Fernández, and Father Patricio Larrosa Martos, each contributing from their respective fields to make the world a better place.

The OSOVI Foundation, committed to assisting and supporting the most vulnerable in Honduran society, has been organizing these awards for a decade, in honor of the memory of the Spanish philanthropist Francisco Quetglas, who left a legacy of selfless service and generosity. The Quetglas Awards have become a platform to recognize and celebrate those who follow his example and make a positive difference in the lives of Hondurans.

Finally, the grand night reached its climax when it was announced that the $4,000 prize would be awarded to Marcela Fernández, the representative of the Uremu Project. This donation is recognition of Marcela and her team's tireless work in supporting children in the city of San Pedro Sula.

The Uremu Project has been recognized for its dedication to promoting education and the well-being of children in the community. The donation given to Marcela and her project is not just a monetary award but also a endorsement of the noble cause they pursue, which is to provide opportunities and hope to the young people of San Pedro Sula.

Marcela Fernández's excitement was palpable as she took the stage to receive the award. Her words reflected her gratitude to OSOVI and all those who support the Uremu cause. "This recognition is not just for me; it is for my family and loved ones, who have been an endless source of support and unconditional love in this noble cause. Thank you for this honor. I have already won for 8 years because each day I serve Uremu allows me to win the smile of a student, a genuine hug, tears that make me grow as I see a dream come true by offering each one new opportunities through music. I dedicate this award to all those who have joined in bringing music to our communities. Let's continue working to make Honduras a better place for everyone."

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