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A Transformative Donation from the Judit Ribas Music to Live Association

Today we share with immense gratitude and excitement a milestone in our story: we have received a generous donation of $10,000 from La Asociación Música para Vivir Judit Ribas, a prestigious non-profit organization based in Andorra, dedicated to changing lives in Central America and the Caribbean through the magic of music.

In 2024, the light shines brighter in our community thanks to this generous contribution, the first we have received from the association. With this support, we will be strengthening our programs directly in Colonia Satélite, Barrio Cabañas, and Núcleo de la Rivera Hernández, in addition to supporting our general operations in Honduras. This gesture not only extends our reach but also deepens our impact, particularly benefiting the students of the Intermediate and Advanced Orchestras and cello enthusiasts.

Thanks to this donation, our teachers, who are the heart of our project and fundamental pillars in the musical education of our youth, will be able to continue imparting their wisdom and passion for music. This support ensures a salary for them, allowing them to dedicate themselves to this noble task. It's a recognition of their tireless work and a testament to the confidence in our project.

Donation from the Judit Ribas Music to Live Association

The Asociación Música para Vivir Judit Ribas shares our vision that music is a bridge to a better world. This support is a vote of confidence in our work and in the transformative potential of music, which not only teaches notes and melodies but also fosters values such as discipline, teamwork, and self-expression.

We want to express our deepest thanks to La Asociación Música para Vivir Judit Ribas for believing in us and our mission. Their collaboration not only strengthens our capacity to act but also inspires our community and other potential collaborators to join this symphony of efforts that seeks positive and lasting change.

To our followers and the entire Proyecto Uremu community, we invite you to continue participating and supporting our activities. Every contribution, big or small, is crucial for continuing our work and expanding our impact.

🎶❤ Once again, thank you La Asociación Música para Vivir Judit Ribas, for your invaluable support and for walking with us on this musical journey!

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