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Discovering the Transformative Power of Music with teacher Ana Liliam Rodríguez Sierra

Updated: Sep 6, 2023

Music has an extraordinary ability to touch hearts, inspire minds, and transform lives.

We have the privilege of working with Maestra Ana Liliam Rodríguez Sierra, who is a choir, flute, music theory, and piano teacher. Her passion and vision for teaching music to children and adolescents are admirable. As we explore her experience and approach, we discover how music becomes a powerful tool for personal development and educational growth. Join us in this captivating musical journey as we delve into Ana's motivations, successes, and goals.

Ana's family and her father, a talented musician, played a significant role in her musical upbringing. Her rich musical influence inspired her to share the legacy with others, making a lasting impact on the community. We asked Ana about her motivation to teach music to young people, and she replied that "Music brings discipline, joy, and many satisfactions."

One highlight of the interview was Ana's unique perspective on inspiring students to embrace a musical career. She emphasizes the power of music to stimulate both hemispheres of the brain, enhance intelligence and sensitivity, and foster self-esteem and social skills. Her approach revolves around conveying the message that "the child who sings is happy," laying the foundation for love and passion for music.

Ana shared the evident impact she has observed in her students over the years. From a greater dedication to singing and harmonizing to the development of instrumental skills, the changes manifest not only in the musical aspect but also in the personal and social growth of the youth.

When discussing her long-term goals for the music program in the community, Ana expressed her fervent desire for every child to have the opportunity to learn and develop musical skills. Her vision goes beyond classrooms, aspiring for music to serve as a means to steer young people away from negative influences and positively transform their lives. Furthermore, she looks forward to seeing her students on prominent stages, leading orchestras, choirs, and musical projects that amplify the impact of music in their lives.

After the interview, Ana shared a touching reflection. She points out that each day brings inspiring stories: the embraces of children, their progress in music, and the genuine joy in their achievements. Her message to parents is clear and poignant: allow your children to discover discipline and love for music, as this will not only transform their own lives but also the lives of future generations. The Uremu Project serves as a bridge to a more musical and hopeful future.

We would like to express our heartfelt appreciation for your unwavering dedication and commitment to working with the Uremu team in the Rivera Hernández, Felipe Zelaya, and Celeo Gonzales sectors. Your love for teaching music, particularly in choir and flute, has had an immeasurable impact on our students' education. Thank you for being an inspiration and for contributing to a brighter future for our youth.

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